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SD3 (Colorbar Scanning Densitometer)

The SD3 quickly scans colorbars on press sheets, performing automatic densitometric evaluation of ink density, dot gain, gray balance, and trap, the SD3 instantly displays scan results as easy-to-read graphic charts.

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Or Click Here for More Information on the Newspaper Version (note: both versions share capabilities)


SDT (Colorbar Scanning Densitometer)

The Tobias Associates SDT™ Scanning Densitometer provides quick, accurate scanning of color & gray balance bars. The results are delivered in keyzones for rapid ink-key adjustments by the press operator or closed loop operation. Tobias also offers a complete set of digital colorbars.

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The CLM™ Closed Loop Module interfaces automated sheet fed and web press consoles with scanning densitometers to automatically adjust the ink keys to maintain color quality throughout the press run.

Click Here for more information on the CLM and the Tobias closed loop system


SXY (2-axis Scanning Densitometer)

The SXY is a two dimensional scanning densitometer, taking readings on press sheets, and comparing them with reference values read from an OK sheet or entered manually.

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